I wake up every morning excited about the potential to help another person manage their lifestyle and wellness. I visualize getting more fitness professionals and doctors and their patients involved with taking better care of their bodies, instead of just treating the symptoms. It is my goal to help create better bonds between those who provide care and those who need it.

Currently, I spend most of my time educating people on HELO and HELO products.

HELO has been featured on CBS, NBC Today Show and FOX channels.

+HELO Smart Bands listen to your body in real time including Cardiovascular Condition, BP Value, Oxygen Level, Blood Pressure, UV rays and your vital signs (Breath Rate, Steps, Sleep, Mood, Energy, ECG) 24/7.

+The early-warning system alerts your loved ones when your vital signs or bio-parameters are out of range. Press a button for SOS and send GPS location.

+More products that work with your HELO Smart Band and your DNA.

+The new HELO Extense records and measures your Blood Sugar Trend Level. Non-invasive. no pain, no blood, no mess.

+We just Introduced Smart Life DNA, which
+uses your DNA to determine what dietary deficiencies to compensate for, which food and elements to avoid.
+Personalized reports.
+Actionable plans to improve your health, with precise indications on how to manage your nutritional intake.
+Your unlocked Genetic Profile will help you achieve your Health and Fitness Goals by discovering the most effective nutritional and physical choices that are best for you.
+Diets and Exercises optimized based on your DNA.
+ Find nutrients you have difficulty absorbing or may be deficient in.

+All our products meet FDA guidelines for good manufacturing practices, and our packaging meets pharmaceutical-grade standard. They are 100% Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free.

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