My passion is helping others by helping them to achieve their Vision of Optimal HEALTH & WEALTH whatever that vision is to them-
Please pardon my site as it is still under construction 🙂

A Health & Wellness consultant is usually the last resort in a clients search for optimal health & fitness.

I have been in the Health/Fitness/Wellness industry for over 30 years first as an athlete then working as a personal trainer/then studying & researching in the Natural Wellness/Naturopathy sector.

During my journey I gained personal experience with serious issues during my pregnancies as well as a 10 year exhausting and painful medical mystery with one of my children that even the experts were unable to solve. Until DNA testing became available – this is why I shifted to a more global means of helping people worldwide with knowledge & prevention.

The last 10 years I have focused on DNA work this is where most people do not appreciate that we are all so different where our health is just like a fingerprint we are all so individual.
DNA is your roadmap to your personal health
My focus combines my knowledge of 20 years of research including DNA along with the evolving technology we have available today.

We now have the means to move towards preventive & predictive disease not just through DNA /genetics but through technology readily available! Which puts us even closer to OPTIMAL wellness in all areas.

The body is designed to heal given the right support and conditions however, what you don’t know CAN & IS hurting your goal of optimal health.
Most of the population is unaware that they are silently sabotaging their health as are their family friends and loved one-without even realizing it.
This KEY area is essentially undoing any efforts put forth in striving for optimal health.

Would you like to know how to work towards achieving optimum wellness ? I have yet to come across a wellness consultant that has covered this vital area that most are completely unaware of to ensure that you are able to achieve this.

Lets connect! – Knowledge is power Self-Care IS the NEW health care! – we can learn from each other! I love meeting people from all walks of life thank you for stopping by I look forward to connecting with you!

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