Hi my name is Joe Silipa and Im a World Changer. I am an independent disrtibuter for Wor(l)d global network, WOR(l)D stands apart as a leader in the global markets of media, mobile and wearable technologies.

Our founder, Fabio Galdi, realized that communication technology, microprocessors, and sensors had advanced to a point where, combined with unique access to committed customers worldwide, he could bring people to a new level of consciousness,where finally, this technology can interact with people’s senses. He embarked on a journey to create innovative products that are destined to change the way we live forever.

We want to create the world’s largest platform of human biodata, built to improve the wellness of its participants through data mining, helping the advancement of new technologies and developing solutions to improve everyone’s quality of life.
Wor(l)d Global Network – Business Opportunity
World Global Network Helo health monitoring device is an advanced innovative technology to improve overall quality of your life. The next great tech revolution is here for mobile health monitoring. Tracking the status of our health to enhance quality of life for everyone.

The HELO Smart Wrist Band monitors vital signs in real-time, 24/7 directly on your wrist.
You can check your vitals every half hour or every 2 hours. You set to your desired requirements.
– Blood Pressure
– Breath Rate
– Heart Rate
– Performs an ECG
– Records Steps, Distance & Calories burned
– Monitors Sleep Quality, Mood & Fatigue level
– Has SOS button for emergency assistance and GPS location.
!!! Soon to be added:
– Blood Sugar Levels
– Oxygen Levels
– Body Temperature
– Blood Alcohol Levels
– Mosquito Shield
You can also remotely monitor the health of your loved ones who are also wearing a HELO.

Why WOR(l)D Beats Everything Else
– No competitors
– No joining fee
– No requalifications required
– No chargeback on monthly's
– No monthly shipping charges
– Category creator
– 195 countries opened
– 21% binary
– $600,000 weekly maximum
– Check Match 10 Generations
– Diamond Trips
– Luxury Car Bonuses
– Luxury Jewelry Bonuses
– USA Publicly listed company
– Unbelievable Retention
– Protection plan on products

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