Iaso Tea, from Total Life Changes (TLC).
Try our all natural Iaso Tea, for the ultimate in gentle herbal detoxification that will help you release harmful toxins from your body, improve absorption of vital nutrients and give you an improved overall sense of well-being. Of course, in our toxic world, EVERY BODY needs to detox, but for tea sippers who want to release 5 to 25 lbs. or more, you can do it quickly and easily, 5 lbs at a time! (Try Resolution Drops, if 50-100 lbs is your goal.) Recommendation: The Get Fit Kit, including Iaso Tea, Nutriburst (our amazing and tasty liquid vitamin) and NRG (for a natural and lasting clean energy boost). This kit let's you detox, nourish your body and allows you to stay energized, so you maximize everything you want to do! Not a tea drinker? Try our Delgada coffee and get your slim on!

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